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Around La Glorieta, there are different and evocative environments: it can be a Vermouth-concert along with its chairs and tables for a Sunday appetizer. Or a Café-concert, a great excuse for having a drink and smoking the special day cigar. It can also be a way of enjoying an exclusive concert under the winter midday sun, the afternoon fresh air or a pleasant summer night. It even allows you to dance a Viennese Waltz around La Glorieta.

Lisboa Zentral Café’s warm concert is a Mediterranean window open to the music from different times and diverse world landscapes.  From Buenos Aires with Astor Piazzola to Paris with the mussette waltz, from Santiago de Cuba with Compay Segundo to Lisboa with the fado, from Broadway with Cole Porter to Sevilla or Valencia with the Pasodoble, from Berlin with Kurt Weill to Napoli with the tarantela. It also reflects the cinematographic world by the hand of Fellini, Visconti, Tati, Nino Rota, Henry Mancini or Anton Karas.

Exclusive music in a relaxing environment with La Glorieta. Day or night, in a park or a plaza, a garden or a street junction, Lisboa Zentral Café invites you to taste it.